Return policy

1. If the following conditions are met, the website provides the guarantee of return and replacement within one week (7 days). The period of return and replacement shall be subject to the date of receipt signed by the customer [subject to the date of receipt signed by the package].

A. There is a quality problem of the goods, and the freight for return and replacement shall be borne by design4Custom.

B. There is no quality problem with the goods. The freight for return and replacement shall be borne by the customer while keeping the original packing of the Design4Custom at the time of sale with complete information of the complimentary items (accessories) and without affecting the secondary sales.

Return address

No.735 E College Dr, Colby, KS 67701 United States

T:+1 785-460-7888

Zip Code:67701

2. Upon receipt of the goods, you can open the package to check whether the goods are in good condition. If there is any quality problem, please reject the whole order.

3. In order to protect your rights and interests, please check with the distributor face to face whether the commodity category, quantity, specification, gift, amount and so on are consistent with the order, and then sign for it.After the departure of the deliverer, the website will no longer be responsible for the above problems.

Design4custom does not accept return or replacement of the following items. Please kindly understand!

Conditions for non-return and replacement include but are not limited to:

A. Goods that have exceeded the validity period of return and replacement (within 7 days after the order is signed).

B. Send it back to the Design4Custom without contacting the customer service staff of this website to apply for return or replacement.

C. The purchase voucher, instruction manual and packaging attached to the goods are stained, damaged or missing, which results in the failure to provide clearly identifiable purchase voucher.

D. Wear or damage of goods or accessories due to buyer’s human negligence or improper use.

E. Damage caused by improper packaging or transportation during the return of goods to the Website.

F. No complimentary/special items purchased with return or replacement.

G. Gifts redeemed by points, except products with quality problems.

H. Any goods that have been used, except for quality problems of the products themselves.

Return the payment

We can only refund after receiving your receipt and checking, so it will take some time. Please wait patiently and check whether your account has been refunded at any time

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions

Our contact information and address:

Company Name: design4custom Co.,Ltd

Contact Department: Customers Service Dept.

Tel: +1 785-460-7888

Address: No.735 E College Dr, Colby, KS 67701 United States